Jente Rosseel

Versatilist | Entrepreneurship, Education, Communication and IT
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Improving the quality of education

I believe education should be accessible and meaningful to everyone. That is why in 2015 I co-founded a company in Kenya called Elewa Company Ltd. We improve the quality of education and bring education into the 21st century.

Two years later, we are now growing at a rapid rate in Kenya and have started with operations in Belgium.

As co-founder, I am responsible for business strategy and the technical side of our operations.

Web & Communication Strategy

With over three years of experience, I help companies develop a working strategy that effectively communicates their vision and that connects with their customers.

I help translate the communication into a website that guides the customers towards the company’s services.

Some customers

IT Architecture

I design, develop and consult on scalable architectures that adhere to the holy grail of software development, the SOLID principles These architectures have high performance, are easy to maintain/extend and are horizontally scalable.

The architecture I developed for our Elewa product is a CQRS system based on Express.JS and TypeScript. I innovated with the read layer by replacing it with an Apollo GraphQL layer. The system is available open source and is taught by me as the advanced track of the Elium web development track.

Fun & Weekends

During weekends and evenings, you’ll most probably find me on the look out for adventure. I’m an avid fan of outdoor activities such as hikes and, spending a lot of time in Kenya, safaris.

Next to that, I spend my free time making music (I play Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Harmonics and Keyboard) and cooking up some new recipes.

Finally, I can enjoy ending the day with a good book or a new series to devour. A good party from time to time is also a welcome close of the day.